Beauty starts with Nature

Holistic Hair & Skin Care

"All that We Need has been Provided by the Most High in Nature"

Shemoóre is a natural holistic beauty product manufacturer and creates and develops its own brand of beauty and maintenance products, its emphasis is on 100% natural and organic ingredients. It is our mission to create, produce and provide high quality products that promote health and healing to your hair, skin and body.  All whilst only using natural ingredients, blended with relatively organic fruits and herbal extracts.

Our Story

The name Shemoóre is inspired by Shem, one of the three sons of Noah who through Biblical lineage brought forth the 12 Tribes of Israel, more commonly known today as the Hebrew Israelites – ‘A Royal Priesthood’. Due to being taken from Western Africa where the infamous Trans-Atlantic slave trade took place many of the tribes captured were dispursed to America and throughout the western hemisphere including the Caribbean Island & Europe.

Our Products

Blended with organic fruits, oils and herbal extracts.

Luxury Whipped Exfoliating Soap (Kings Love)


Luxury Whipped Exfoliating Soap (Royal Paradise)


Luxury Whipped Exfoliating Soap (Queens Peace)



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I absolutely raved about this product on twitter, and raved to my very patient husband for about 20 minutes straight about it. I have very sensitive skin and live in a hard-water area, which dries out my skin and makes it itch. Commercial body washes make it so itchy I had to use oatflour cream immediately after I get out of the shower. I switched to small-batch whipped soaps, which were much better, but it still itched. This product is the only thing I’ve found that cleans my skin but doesn’t dry it out. My skin is so much softer and so much calmer, and when I get out of the shower I smell amazing. I can’t recommend the Queens Peace soap enough! I’m obsessed with it, haha. Shipped very quickly, and I got a lovely free gift. Thank you so much!

Luxury whipped exfoliating soap (Queens Peace)

This smells amazing, it leaves my hair really moistured and not greasy at all, my waves are much more defined too. Thank you so much ?

Whipped Butternut Hair & Skin Soufflé

Best wash day products I’ve ever had! Cleanses my hair so well, has my curls poppin’ & leaves my hair ridiculously soft ? ?

Coco milk moisture conditioner

My daughter loved this toner, she said it was lovely on her skin and refreshing. x

Rose & Witch Hazel Hydrating Toner

This is a lovely product. However I don’t think it’s for my hair. Feels too heavy being a gel creme which is a shame as I really wanted flaxseed gel. It’s flattened my hair so there are no curls and my hair looks separated. Not for my type of hair. My hair is thick and coarse but this is too much for it. If you find products weight your hair down, don’t get this. Look for a lighter option which they may sell.


It came so quickly and was packaged very securely. Seller even put a sample in there which smelt divine! Happy customer yet again ???

Sea Moss Gel Cell Food - 350g Ready Made Jars

My hair loves this product ?

Whipped Butternut Hair & Skin Soufflé

Was such a pleasure ordering from this brand. I was having crazy health issues and they were so kind and took the time to recommend the appropriate SeaMoss Gel blend and the benefits it offers! Happily recommend and purchase again!

Sea Moss Gel Cell Food - 350g Ready Made Jars

Absolutely love this..finally a Shampoo that does what it says…and also with natural ingredients..happy Customer ?

Coco milk moisture shampoo

Hey, I'm Terron

Let me briefly introduce you to me, the Founder and Brand Ambassador of Shemoóre – Terron Derby, British born, Jamaican heritage but Hebrew bloodline.

The vision of Shemoóre is to simply supply a wide catalogue of carefully produced products, which are designed to bring you back to your traditional roots using nothing but herbs and oils all finished with natural resources.