She-Brews Herbal Tea


JnWhat will female toner do for me?

She-brews is made using a tonic approach to women’s health and is based on our Jamaican traditional roots use of Dog blood and sarsaparilla along with raspberry leaf, nettle leaf and other complementary herbs. Our female tonic supports female endocrine system, helps maintain a healthy menstruation, help to balance hormones, purify blood, and to strengthen and tone the uterus.

How does it taste? It has a pleasant refreshing herbal taste- Please note you can have this drink as a cold beverage.


Boil your water and use one tea bag leave it to brew for 10 mins. You can reuse the teabag x2.

• Natural blend of herbs
• Supports female systems
• Made with organic raspberry leaf
• Caffeine free
• 12 wrapped tea bags


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Hibiscus - packed with antioxidants, helps to strengthen hair & gives skin a radiant glow. Hibiscus can also help lower blood sugar, aids in weight loss and lowers blood fat levels.

Shepherd's purse - Treats urinary tract infections, helps to relieve menopause symptoms, and symptoms relating to menstrual cycle / cramps &helps with fibroid issues.

Ashwaganda Is an adaptogen which helps balance hormones & lifts your mood & decreases stress levels.

Raspberry leaf - Helps with hormonal issues, estrogen, pms, source of vitamin B6
Helps with hormone-related issues, strengthens uterus and helps lifts moods.

Nettle - Amazing source of vitamins helps supports the skin & hair loss, boosts immune system, reduces inflammation, improves kidney health & boosts digestion.

Sarsaparilla - Cleanses blood, reduces risk of cancer, boost your immune system and helps to relieve joint pain.

Red Clover - Helps relive hot flushes , menstrual symptoms & aids respiratory health.

Lemon Balm - Helps to relieve menstrual cramp & premenstrual syndrome (PMS), to balance anxiety,& decreases stress and helps with insomnia.

Pau d'arco - Helps clear toxins out of the body.

Dog blood – is well known for treating women with infertility or any womb related problem, the herb is also used for menstruation flow issues. Helps with anti-inflammatory properties that are used to clean the Fallopian tubes of women and useful in treating headaches.


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